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"An endless source of education and illumination" -- Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle The origins of street and place names are surveyed in a title which includes plenty of background history on San Francisco's streets and their evolution. The streets of San Francisco have a curious history. 2 vols. History of Early S.F. Veltman's map reveals, for instance, that Van Ness Ave. is named after Gold Rush-era Mayor John Van Ness and Mt. A fairly complete thumbnail history of early San Francisco can be sketched by mention of the names of its streets. - Please bookmark this page (add it to your favorites). G-M. Galindo Avenue José Galindo Owner of Ranch Within the City Nicolás Galindo accompanied the Anza expedition as a settler in 1776. The strangest stories behind the old street names include murders, mistresses and even quack doctors. The street name data is compiled mostly from the San Francisco Municipal Reports (1880/1881; 1894/1895) and Louis K. Loewenstein’s Streets of San Francisco: The Origins of Street and Place Names (San Francisco: Lexikos, 1984). Street Names A-F. Street Names G-M. Street Names N-Z . Sydney’s first streets just followed paths long used by local Aboriginal peoples, others cut through the bush by chain gangs or following goat and bullock tracks. Street Names A-F. Street Names G-M. Street Names N-Z . News. Laura Bowery 28th June 2018 History Leave a comment 17,304 Views. First came the early explorers who discovered the Bay of San Francisco, Portolá and Ortega. Street names as a proxy for history and culture; Google maps street-level air quality using Street View cars with sensors ; Your street name across the country; 2 Comments. This street gets its name from the wall, or Rampart that was built during New Orleans’ early years. Names such as Duncombe and Dimsdale can be found on … Spelled with one “l” but a second is now commonly used. Every street has one, but where do they come from? San Francisco: Zoeth S. Eldredge, 1912. One batch of approximately 50 name changes occurred with ordinance #2616 approved on August 24, 1907 by mayor Frank K. Mott. Maloney gave the first street the name of a location or personal name and the second street the name of a plant. - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below this line. Some are fairly obvious, such as High Street, or Church Street, or Cathedral Close. Introduction. STREET NAMES Many of the names of roads in the area include the letter ’s’- Plucks Road, Patricks Road, Dawsons Parade, Queens Road, Hendersons Road, Bucklands Road etc. During the 1970s, Francisco Luis de Carondelet strengthened several forts that encircled the city (Fort St. John, Fort Burgundy, Fort. Street Names In Hertford. Although the ’ownership’ apostrophe has been dropped with the street naming signs, and many of the ’s’ suffix also not included. Street Names. While many are named to honor leaders, presidents, cities and trees, some gain their names from outlaws and even sex workers.Gough Street … Introduction. Streets are listed under their latest names. History of Sydney streets. The history of the street names in Phoenix, Arizona. The Tenderloin is a neighborhood in downtown San Francisco, in the flatlands on the southern slope of Nob Hill, situated between the Union Square shopping district to the northeast and the Civic Center office district to the southwest. Converted pubs often retain their name up high on the parapet. Mapping the History of Street Names OpenNews Fellow Noah Veltman breaks down an SF history map . The rich history of Liverpool has led to some weird and wonderful road names in the city. This gazetteer covers only the area of the medieval town. It was forced out of business by the Town's prohibition on commercial enterprises. Russel St was built in 1775 and called so after an apothecary of that name, who had a botanical garden on the site. Cathcart Street 218,232n Catherine Place 359n Causewayside 208,339 Chalmers Street 150 Chambers Street 476 Charity Workhouse 94 Charlotte Square 63 Charlotte Street,Leith 206,282,337 Coates 28,42,53,77,243,249–50,252, 255 Coates Crescent 151 Coates Gardens 151 Cobden Terrace 212 Cochrane Place 381n Cockburn 47,48 Cockburn Street 432,475,478 Shrewsbury has more than its fair share of fascinating street names – Wyle Cop, Shoplatch, and Dogpole are obvious examples. If you’re like me, your personal geography of your city is based mostly on its streets, but you’ve never really given their names a second thought. Miscellaneous Street Names. Another interesting fact I turned up when looking into the history of Sahara Avenue is the fact that the street’s original name, San Francisco, was given to it as part of a naming scheme for the streets near the Stratosphere, including New York, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and San Francisco, which were named after cities with major league baseball teams. Almost all these changes took place between 1st January 1936 and 1st July 1939 but a few were made at other times during 1929-45 The symbol # indicates that the old name has been abolished and the street incorporated into an existing place name. Miscellaneous Street Names. Davidson is named after former California Academy of Sciences President George Davidson. Others have names that reflect their heritage, such as Priory Street or Tanners Crescent. Origin of Street Names | Jefferson Airplane: Historical Overview: Union Street runs nearly the width of San Francisco, from east to west, extending from its point of origin at the Bay, parallel west between Green and Filbert Streets to its end at the Presidio Reservation, a former Army base currently in the process of being converted to civilian use. ), i. History of Early S.F. We believe use of data and evidence can improve our operations and the services we provide. Street numbering, and often street names, may well have changed over the course of time, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Related. Compare the location of your property with other buildings in the street to make sure that you are looking at the right house. Anna Lane, [now Fifth Street, North] Daughter of Pioneer There is a popular, but unverified story, that two brothers named Lane divided a lot by the flip of a coin. Luckily, web developer and San Francisco native Noah Veltman has created SF Streets, an interactive map detailing the history of street and landmark names across the city. This ultimately leads to increased quality of life and work for San Francisco residents, employers, employees and visitors. Street Names. Posted on: May 15, 2013. "Albion, Ash, Bellaire, Birch," for example. Don't forget to check with the 1857 - 1929 list of changes as well as this one. DataSF's mission is to empower use of data. Great Renaming of 1907 . The early layout of Phoenix was a simple grid. Floral names, names of famous colleges and universities, English counties, world cities, etc., all inspired street names. History of Street Names in Los Altos Hills Name of Street History of Name. More old Bath street names and history notes. Web developer and Knight-Mozilla fellow Noah Veltman mapped the history of street names in San Francisco under this premise. And what do they tell us about the past? mapping; OpenStreetMap; Leaflet; By Noah Veltman. One of the most important clues to the history of an area comes from street names. But the bottom line was the setting of a positive image for the development. Published 4 December 2012. Many streets, squares and yards in Hertford bear the names of noteworthy individuals that have connections with the town. Street Names A-F. Street Names G-M. Street Names N-Z . We seek to transform the way the City works through the use of data. For example, an existing 2nd Avenue was renamed Shafter Avenue to avoid conflicting with 2nd Avenue east of the lake which was part of the 1897 annexation. Miscellaneous Street and Place Names. History of Early S.F. San Francisco Streets Named for Pioneers. Street Names. San Francisco Streets Named for Pioneers. Except where otherwise stated the sources used were: H. E. Salter, The Historic Names of the Streets and Lanes of Oxford; Margaret Gelling, The Place-Names of Oxfordshire (E.P.N.S. Developers in larger metro areas had to be especially creative. San Francisco: Zoeth S. Eldredge, 1912. The Weird and Wonderful History Behind Liverpool’s Street Names. Click on any of the streets or landmarks, marked in blue on the map, and you can find out who it was named for or where the name originally came from. Local dignitaries have have lent their names to streets, Thomas Fanshaw and A.J.Balfour amongst them. p. 513. History. Commercial corridors. STREET-NAMES. Old to New Street names 1929 - 1945. Resource/Background Adobe Creek Lodge Road: Takes its name from the recreational property that formerly surrounded it. St. Charles, etc) and he also built a rampart ("Rempart" in French) along the north side of the street. Street Names Versions of the following articles orginally appeared in the Shrewsbury Chronicle. Others are not quite so obvious - I used to live in Hall Road, near Hall Yard and around the corner from Hall Place. Bennet St in the same way now has a second “t”. And because Maloney didn't specify how the names should be pronounced, “There have been numerous localisms,” Goodstein said. Then followed Anza, arriving at the Presidio in 1776, during the American Revolutionary period. Danielle — … This little booklet on the people for whom San Francisco streets are named is limited, with few exceptions, to those pioneers who were in San Francisco before 1850.

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