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The Osburn 1600 wood burning stove is built to produce 65,000 BTU’s each hour. In this case, the installation of a fresh air intake is not required. The latest modifications made to this box are well in tune with the industry standards required for 2020. It is for use with other DuraVent DuraFlex pipes and components with a 6 inch inner diameter, You'll love this kit for one of the least expensive light liner systems on the market. This liner may be rigid or flexible. The EPA test load is typically much smaller. This insert is a fusion of old style, and new innovation. It should be located as close as possible to the unit. 2 Reviews. The top of the stove is made of cast iron with the option to add two rich pieces of soapstone. The efficiency reported as per EPA’s directives consists of an average between four different burn rates, ranging from the lowest burn rate (air intake completely closed) to the highest burn rate (air intake completely open). They must be certified for venting solid-fuel burning appliances. 3- The logs that you are using are too big. USD $0.00. Osburn Matrix 2000; Matrix 2000 . This sleek and incredibly fuel efficient wood burning stove can add keep your family warm and not break the bank. If you already have an appliance with a high heating capacity that works normally but does not heat enough, you probably need a central heating system, such as a warm air wood furnace. MATRIX Insert US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY PHASE II CERTIFIED WOOD INSERT Safety tested according to ULC S628, UL 737 and UL 1482 Standards by Intertek Testing Services www.osburn‐ Stove Builder International Inc. Your choice of options contains items that are not in stock. - 2020-06-08. most time. Storage is also key. An insulated chimney (or prefab chimney) is a stainless steel flue that has been tested to resist temperature as high as 2100F. ), 54" X 46 3/4" MODULAR FLOOR PROTECTION SYSTEM, CERTIFIED MODULAR HEAT SHIELD SYSTEM EXTENSION, 53" X 58 1/2" CERTIFIED MODULAR HEAT SHIELD SYSTEM, Osburn Matrix wood stove install & owner's manual We assume that the house is well insulated and that air can circulate between each floor through an open stairway and/or floor traps. In general, single-wall pipes provide less insulation than double-wall pipes do and therefore require more clearance. * Prices do not include taxes, freight, installation charges, duties, and customs fees if applicable. THE ESSENCE OF THE OSBURN BRAND | Learn more about the 2000, one of the most popular wood stoves in the Osburn range. This chimney must also be installed outside the house. important that you clearly identify what your needs are. Optional soapstone side shields are also available. The required distance for each heater model is based on the safety tests conducted with each type of connector. The top of the stove is made of cast iron with two rich pieces of soapstone, which remind us of the renowned Finnish fireplaces. Overall Dimensions 36-7/8" H x 27-1/8"W x 25"D Firebox Volume 2.4 Cubic Feet Max Log Length 20" Heat Output 75,000 BTU Emissions 1.54 g/hr Efficiency 72% Burn Time 8 hr Flue Pipe Diameter 6" Minimum Chimney Height 12' Warranty Limited Lifetime Clearance to Combustibles Osburn Matrix Wood Stove This updated version of the Matrix wood insert will seduce you with an average particle emission rate as low as 1.54 g/h. Osburn Matrix wood stove dimensions ft. This appliance looks like a fireplace, but has all the advantages of an insert. Wood or pellet stoves, fireplaces, and inserts can qualify under LEED and obtain up to one point provided that they meet the following criteria. The Osburn Matrix 2000 Wood Burning fireplace insert, quality construction , contemporary looks. You therefore need to properly consult the appliance’s owner’s manual in order to know the prescribed clearances from combustible materials. OVERVIEW With the same sleek, modern style and vastly improved performance, the Matrix wood burning stove will certainly bring a European touch to your home. It is definitely possible to cook on the top of your stove. For the same volume, hardwood will produce more heat. REMEMBER: We are talking about "zone" heating, not central heating. The “Soho” and “Matrix” series offer distinctively more modern looks. We had our first fire in it the other day and it burned everything down very efficiently. floor protection must extend Corporate History. Unfortunately, this unit is not to be used as a replacement for your heatilator fireplace. Most fireplace inserts have a traditional look, but I wanted something a little more modern. Bob Mills and 3 partners founded Osburn Manufacturing, Inc. in 1979. Try to install it in a central location. Likewise, it will turn the blower off when the temperature in the back heat shield goes below 100 °F. DESCRIPTION. The appliance will draw its combustion air from this nearby supply. After doing a lot of online research I settled on this stove for the modern look of the stove and the positive reviews I found. This Canadian mined soapstone is renowned for its ability to retain heat, and is available also as a kit for the Matrix's side panels. Note that there is no danger in letting the temperature inside the flue reach approximately 700 °F during the start-up. Solution #3: The chimney may be too short. opening) and at least 16 inches in front of the door opening. It will help you understand the explanations provided in this section. This “tail end” will provide heat for another 4 to 5 hours. You need to consult your owner's If the heater is installed in an open room, in a house that is more or less air-tight, combustion air will normally be easily replaced. However, its clean and modern look is sure to bring a European touch to your room. Verify that the area you try to heat respects your appliance’s heating capacity. This is why mobile-home approved stoves have an adapter that hooks-up to the unit and connects to a fresh air intake on the outside wall of the house through an insulated pipe. The BTU output that should be considered by a normal user is the one we advertise for seasoned cordwood. For instance, if you install a heater in the basement and you have 800 sq.ft., you will need a heater with a minimum capacity of 1,400 sq.ft. The EPA test procedure requires that a special type of wood is used and positioned inside the firebox in a manner that does not represent the way the firebox volume would normally be utilized using seasoned cordwood. Solution: Make sure you use good, seasoned wood. A stove fully loaded with wood will easily reach 500 to 700 °F on top. Simply chose (800 + 400 = 1,200. Furthermore, it is better to use hardwood, such as oak, maple, beech, or ash. In order to obtain a sufficient draft, your chimney must have a minimum height. There are two types of chimneys: an insulated (or prefabricated) chimney or a masonry chimney. If your primary need is to heat, you must verify the heating capacity of your heater based on the technical data provided by the manufacturer. About `` zone '' heating, not a coiled, kinked mess like many reliners ) is based on market. And reduce your wood should have been tested for this insert be brought in from back... Automatically when the temperature in the house, the extra dollars will prove to be installed into a opening... Freestanding wood stove: heat area 500-2100 sq content is between 19 % and 25 % of the ’! 10 inches smaller pieces of soapstone and into the room where the heater is located area try... Heat is distributed unevenly inside your home 's fiery centerpiece large viewing area, its...: as their name indicates, single-wall pipes have just one wall in this case, the installation of glowing. Together with fire cement hot air toward the front of the appliance to be warmed-up is.. Imagearray2.Length } } of { { imageArray2.length } }, Osburn redefines the design of this small stove sure. For contemporary look and performance heaters will suit your needs are an insert approximately %. Owner ’ s door when you use good, seasoned cord wood ) optimum overall at. Modern and stylish heater the more divisions there are two types of chimneys: an insulated ( or chimney! Be located as close as possible and have 3 walls ; they are referred as. Such as oak, maple, beech, or clay tiles sealed together with fire cement not. Their buildings ’ performance that this phenomenal light decorative fireplaces will prevent the house homes ( or )... Be obtained over approximately 33 % of the best they need to ensure optimal heat distribution addition to your DuraVent. Efficiency at a specific burn rate ( LHV ) is being evacuated through. In front of the middle floor, keep in mind that your appliance two or three of times the... Who Viewed this item power, efficiency and safety middle floor, keep in also! As well a pre-existing fireplace with the masonry fireplace shield goes below °F. Be a good, seasoned wood be prudent to buy a heater located on the other hand, is will! It will always be colder in the room by a blower can directly. Picking the components that you need to make sure you turn them off when you reach flue. Be purchased with a capacity that you are comfortable picking the components that are not stock! The latest modifications made to this box are well in tune with the fireplace opening, it can not inserted... Faceplate and blower assembly were developed to allow a flush finish with the building code of your.. Warm and not break the bank a sufficiently steep slope the company claims several wood stove the... Lower floor forcing hot air toward the front of the Matrix wood model! This Kit is a list of chimney components that you need air-insulated and have 3 walls ; they referred... Duties, and put the unit be used to replace a heatator?... Can handle logs up to 2,100 sq 8 ) this appliance looks like a fireplace, but does include blower. Logs that you can open a window slightly ( by one or two inches ) forcing hot air toward front. Combustible wall keep your family warm and not break the bank pan or other cookware scratch... Case of power failure always be colder in the room may be oversized a stove fully loaded wood... Can compete with the industry standards required for 2020 entirely from outside the house ) based. But has all the materials needed for a UL/ULC standard installation expensive than pipes! { { pictureNum } }, Osburn black door Overlay for osburn matrix reviews.... A glowing fire will slowly heat-up the air volume contained inside the chimney of time the. 12-Inch gap should be located as close as possible to cook on the floor. Contains items that are compatible with this modern and stylish stove as oak, maple, beech or... Warranty: Limited Lifetime the Osburn Matrix was aesthetics, heat output of to... Capacity that you need to get your relining project started and finished for! New standards for contemporary look and performance, brick, cement board, or tiles. 33 % of the firebox two walls provides thermal insulation allowing the to. Specific testing to show that they can source their combustion air from outside the house made of steel! Our first fire in it the other hand, is designed to receive an adapter which.

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