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He can simultaneously overload any (high hit count) team with Critical Stars, massively improve their damage output and Arts card performance significantly, and even increase the success rate of crippling debuffs originating from his allies. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. The fgo tier list can include all the possible heroes you would like to have by your side. 2x Berserkers is still a no go based on what I remember attempting on that one event node. Still, Nursery Rhyme is often a darkhorse Arts option for many tricky Servant battles. Her ST Arts NP deals decent damage against Saber and Threat to Humanity enemies, boosted by her own ATK buff and the in-built ATK buff that activates during the NP. Their three-turn Taunt, high HP pool, on-demand Easion, defense self-buff and even debuff clearance make them a very capable tank that can soak in damage and take attention off their teammates, which can be lifesaving in high-difficulty content. She does lack any survival skills aside from the stall provided by the Charm, however, so she can have trouble staying on the field without support. Excellent Servants with strong all-around performance, or especially valuable niches. Access to Sure Hit will make enemies with Evade easier for her to deal with. Double Servant compositions are considered. On the contrary, by virtue of having neutral damage against the majority of opponents and a lack of a consistent damage buff, Saint Martha’s damage is fairly lackluster against enemies that are unaffected by Jacob’s Limb. Her most unique aspect is her ability to work as a reliable Critical-based Caster through her Self-Modification skill. Frankenstein (Saber) packs both strong base NP Gain performance, good hit counts and an utterly amazing NP Gain boost. As long as she is used for her intended purpose, this Jeanne will not let any Master down. I love how Myst is always preaching how Tamamo and Enkidu are the 2 Top ST Lancers in the game and how Brynhild can’t compare to them. Just, don’t turn him into a Rare Prism before seeing his full potential. Fgo Tier List.What's the idea of stalling in FGO for a newbie? This list is all about battery skills. So, let’s not waste another second and get into the Revue Starlight Re LIVE tier list right here below! Their biggest appeal lies in their powerful one turn burst from their Noble Phantasm gimmick, augmented by their high Critical Damage buff. However, these demerits are not significant enough to devalue her many strengths. Most of her steroids also last only for a single turn, while her sustained offense may suffer harshly if Masters cannot provide the Critical Stars she needs. A lot of arts servant have been bump up in regards to tier placement. His proficiency in critical damage dealing doesn’t stop there; as his Eternal Arms Mastery boosts his Star Gathering to such heights that even Rider Servants can hardly steal a single Critical Star from him. If both individuals added each other through Step 3, then Step 4's confirmation will be skipped. All in all, Berserker of El Dorado is a strong, well-designed representative of the Berserker’s “Offense is the Best Defense” Philosophy. She fulfills her role well and easily avoids the lower tiers, but there are also more potent alternatives for each of her primary aspects. Regardless, her NP Charging, AoE Charm on NP, and excellent combination of hit counts and NP Generation leave her as a solid Servant overall even outside of her farming niche. Lacking powerful  long-lasting self-buffs and possessing a lackluster Attack stat, Martha’s damage output leaves much to be desired. Her basic attacks are no slouch either as her critical damage buff and Independent Action help to compensate for her inherit 0.9x Assassin modifiers. Good Servants that typically have more narrow specializations or face heavy competition. Another name would be the fate go tier list, that you get in the updated version now and then. Her lack of synergy between her skills reduces her potential, but she is still a decent Arts Assassin otherwise. She has the rare ability to provide teamwide Guts consistently, which can be lifesaving in high difficulty content. If there is another Tier List you would like to suggest added, leave a message on the Discussion page. The Empress’s high-maintenance personality is well translated into her gameplay, featuring relatively good damage potential and strong team support capacity, particularly in the elusive Quick support category. Beowulf, sadly, still has very poor sustained damage compared to the top tier Berserkers. a guest . Her access to a combination of a powerful Noble Phantasm damage multiplier, strong offensive steroids and a formidable critical damage boost gives her an utterly terrifying NPBB chain. Otherwise, her kit provides ATK buffs to all allies, stars per turn, a targetable Star Gather + Star Drop buff, and a self Buster and Buster Star Gather buff, with her NP providing a Star Drop buff to herself and Critical Damage buffs to all allies. Is that battery and the full Buster deck really that big of an upgrade to justify that placement? I’m amused that they happened to do something like one of the ideas I had suggested here: splitting the tier lists by card type. While his offensive ceiling is comparatively lower in more specialized teams, and his team utility is virtually nonexistent, Heracles is still an excellent Servant who can carry newer players far into the game. Plus, charging her NP Gauge does often mean making use of an ABB chain, which does a fair bit lower damage without the Buster start. —Alternate aspects and personalities split from their originals. A walking definition of a niche Servant, Stheno has two roles that she can do quite nicely: being a prominent member of the “Charm-Lock” snek team, and being a support for Divine Servants. She also can grant herself Debuff Immunity and increase her star gathering for 1 turn, with a rather novel (but niche) 40% chance to remove debuffs when normal attacking for a single turn. Is it? His AoE stalling potential is so severe that he can guide an Arts team through some of the most challenging multi-enemy fights that exist. After getting all of her Interludes and Rank-up Quests finished, Atalante is a wave 2 clearer for any Critical and Quick-centric teammates through her powerful party Quick-performance buffs and the massive amount of Critical Stars generated from her Noble Phantasm. By courtesy of being a Welfare, she has easy access to NP5, and combined with her high attack, self buffs, and a welcome NP charge skill, her ST Buster NP can come out fast and hit extremely hard against many enemies. He comes with an evade tied to a self Quick and ATK buff that last a single turn to bolster his offense and defense, with his second skill providing stars and an increase to his own star gather rate for critical performance. To make the comparison fair the tier list assumes 4 and 5 star gacha characters are at np1 as well as angra manyu. Masters also have to constantly ask themselves which aspects of her skills are needed most, as each of her skills have longer cooldowns, do two things at once, and last for 1 turn. We use the Tierlist Database from Appmedia. Fgo Tier List 2020 Updated 5 Star Fate Go Fate Grand Order ... Fgo Tier List Appmedia What You Need To Know For Fate Grand Order S Valentine S Day Event Appmedia Tier List Updated September 2017 Grandorder Fgo Tier List Tumblr Posts Tumbral Com Servants Gameplay Tier List Youtube Additionally, she has zero hard defensive options, and may have trouble staying on the field without defensive support when faced with enemy NPs. Notoriously underwhelming upon release and often decried as an evil spook, most of Fionn’s strengths are locked behind his Interlude and Rank-Up Quests. Charging her NP is thus not very difficult, especially as she already has a large NP Charge. They can easily help you farm certain items especially if you want to raise the levels of the lower leveled servants. So with the new appmedia tier list with caster artoria being the triple s servant, first of her kind. Until the dawn of the age of Quick Servants, Parvati will simply bide her time until her eventual ascension of the Tier List. where high-damage units might be desirable. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Archer Sarvants in FGO. With a good Madness enhancement rank, great base stats and a powerful offensive steroid in Demonic Nature of Oni A, Ibaraki is hardly lacking on the offensive front. But that should be no surprise, considering his only damage boost is a minor passive and his attack stat is low. Fortunately, her welfare status and powerful Quick buff allows her to deal massive damage to any strong Rider wave, an enemy type that usually slows down farming. In addition, her critical prowess are only unlocked if her allies generate the critical stars she needs. He is a 4* that outperforms 5*s with the same job, that is what they look for in 4* units and why you see what you see in this list. If there is another Tier List you would like to suggest added, leave a message on the Discussion page. You can’t just leave Beast III incomplete like that. She sits at among the highest in AoE Saber NP damage with the assumptions of NP5 Welfares / NP1 Non-welfares, dealing more damage than Altria (Alter), although it should be noted that Altria (Alter) will deal more at NP2. On one hand, she has a ridiculously high base attack, strong Critical potential, decent Buster-centric deck, a reliable targeted stun and good effect on her AoE Buster Noble Phantasm. Her other aspects are not as strong, as she has middling NP and Star Generation, poor survivability and limited utility. Shuten-Douji (Caster) is Oniland's Welfare Servant, and is a single target Buster-type Caster Servant. Chloe is an Archer who more or less eschews the effectiveness of all her other card types to have absolutely absurd Arts cards. In addition, many bosses resist, cleanse or otherwise circumvent his Attack Down efforts. Furthermore, her damage output is lackluster outside of her Noble Phantasm, especially given her lower stat and card deck mismatch. All in all, Sakata Kintoki (Rider) is a powerful Rider for any Master, no matter how diverse and levelled their roster. Furthermore, as versatile as he is, his kits lack a true focus that could elevate him above other Servants who might be preferred in more specific team compositions. An offensive support/damage dealer hybrid that works well with female Servants, Elisabeth Bathory’s main value lies in her ability to grant up to 60% Attack increase to female teammates through her Sadistic Charisma’s teamwide Attack-buff and Torture Technique’s Defense Debuff. His NP itself is capable of piercing through pesky Evasion and Defense skills. Makes me wonder if it’s still worth going for other quick servants like Kama for gameplay purposes given that Shiki, for example, is ranked similarly to her and is a NP5 welfare. Lancelot will then gather these Critical Stars easily, and proceed to slam his enemies with his powerful Critical Damage buff. The holy maiden, however, is particularly mediocre in terms of offense. Until then, her Buster compatibility grants her some additional power, while her targetable mix of both Evasion and Invincibility can help with creating some interesting Order Change strategies. Lancelot (Saber) possesses incredible self-sufficiency as a critical damage dealer. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Her combination of a high hit count NP and NP Gain buff embodies everything a 3-turn Quick NP looper is looking for. Still, Atalante (Alter) is not particularly well equipped for sustained offense all on her own. Furthermore, as the majority of her kit only comes into play against male enemies, she is essentially dead weight against enemies of a different gender. In addition, Knight of Owner generates a veritable explosion of Critical Stars thanks to its ridiculous hit-count and his own Star Generation buff. Last but not least, the scarcity of Ruler bosses means that rarely will his class advantage be available, and even for those situations, most other Avengers offer more bang for their buck than Avenger of Shinjuku. Helped by his high attack, and strong passives, Rama can unleash devastating critical damage, especially if he is supported by any commonly accessible Buster supports. With his high base attack, attack self-buff and his high Madness Enhancement, he deals as good consistent damage as you’ll get from a 4* unit with his vicious Buster Brave chains. Fully exploiting her Arts potential, Shiki benefits from good NP gain while maintaining her class’s high star generation. However, this comes at the cost of a much lower ATK compared to his peers, which hurts Siegfried a lot since it makes his Noble Phantasm, … While he possesses a clear weakness in his lack of solid defensive options, his otherwise self-sufficient kit means it’s not too hard to provide a strong support option for him, although his compatability with Skadi is exceptionally good. With decently strong individual skills, Nitocris (Assassin) ought to be much stronger than she actually is. In this FGO Tier list, we have ranked the characters based on the average Death rate, Star absorption, Star … Or at least, definitely not better than Oda? That said, Scathach (Assassin) does not have anything she particularly excels over other Assassin. With powerful Arts buffs it is particularly easy for her to recharge immense amount of NP gauge from her NP turn with her strong Arts cards, especially as she still has her own NP battery to top off her NP Bar. Fate/Grand Order is Copyright Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. are property of their respective owners. Yet eventually, her launch era performance lags behind her peers. Gilgamesh (Caster) is an effective blend of offensive support and AoE Arts spam that just ends up working spectacularly. Husbando Wars Coupled with his lack of steroids (which will be remedied by a Rank Up Quest in the future), his offensive power is far behind most Assassins of the same rarity, and even behind some of lower rarity options. Carmilla’s weakness ultimately lies in her frailty and her own diminished Assassin modifiers. Still, for a boss-slaying powerhouse applicable across many situations, she is a formidable force worth raising. Even with fierce competition from other Berserkers, Berserker of El Dorado stands out with a strong combination of offensive steroids, NP battery, team support, and even debuff immunity. A self-support oriented Lancer from the SIN Lostbelt, Qin Liangyu has an Arts-type NP that grants her a myriad of interesting, if somewhat unwieldy on-hit, on-critical, on-receiving damage, and on-receiving critical damage effects. In most cases, she may not be the optimal pick, but against more difficult Berserker enemies, for Masters who lack a Foreigner, she provides decent value. She has a Quick/Arts/Critical Strength buff of modest values, a Star Gather / Debuff Immune / Buff Removal Resist buff, and most notably a 2-time Guts lasting 3 turns that comes with a small NP charge. We have posted evaluations based on two different aspects: without “Ascension” and “Max Limit Break”. Appmedia New Tier List.

They are often self-sufficient, or their outstanding performance in specific setups lends them high desirability. Her NP spam potential, especially under the influence of Quick Performance buffs and good card draws, is excellent and her own 3-turn steroids ensure each NP in that 3-turn window seriously hurt. On top of Blasted Tree’s high NP damage multiplier, Frankie has access to an NP Interlude as well as two steroid skills in Wail of the Living Dead C and Overload C, making her damage potential phenomenal for final waves. But to get all her cards with enough stars may be a problem. Man, I love Arturia! In fact, due Assassin of Paraiso having only a single steroid to draw on, Hassan of the Hundred Personas provides a very potent freely accessible alternative for Masters who wish to experiment with an Arts NP spamming Assassins. Decent Servants that can perform well in the right teams, but often have either more powerful alternatives, or a niche that is difficult to fully exploit. Her defensive nature is still fairly useful with a Taunt always being a welcome addition, especially to help her gain a bit more NP Gauge to launch her NP with. Another Eden Unit Breakdown In addition, the mismatch between his Buster NP and triple Arts deck can make creating optimized teams more difficult. Overall, Elisabeth is a good starter Servant, with female support and decent damage that will last a long time before competitive support options for all card types are available. It honestly looks like Space Ishtar is the way to go. While her inherently selfish playstyle and lack of survivability prowess requires the team to be built around her, Lancer Alter burst potential is simply outstanding, cementing her as a top tier offensive Lancer for general purposes. To sum it up, this handsome martial artist will struggle to earn a place in most teams in his current state. A peculiar Support/stalling Servant, Thomas Edison has some highly interesting mechanics and support potential. When the stars align, they can hit for an astounding amount of damage, having one of the hardest-hitting Noble Phantasm in the game at low HP. Irisviel specializes in keeping her team alive and healthy. Hovers between tier 4 and tier 5. Mordred (Rider) has one main focus that she can pull off far easier than most Servants - constant NP looping. She also has HP regeneration, NP regeneration, debuff immunity, NP drain, and a self NP charge of 27%, rounding out her kit of mostly selfish effects. Courtesy of her naturally high NP level from being a welfare Servant, a Buster steroid from her Mana Burst, a party wide NP Generation buff and an Interlude that improves her Noble Phantasm’s damage, Lily is a decent Saber for farming purpose, especially for Masters who just start out. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Caster Sarvants in FGO.

Extended fights, further cementing his simple but effective gameplay just a token character for story purposes Mash... Serious stun-lock potential in actual situations, she is woeful at dealing damage on other... An ATK bonus to all allies a boss-slaying powerhouse applicable across many situations while. N'T guarantee that these tier Lists are 100 % accurate welcome to our tier. Supports becoming more widely available, Tristan ’ s game plan, much like her normal counterpart... 4 Star tier list Takashi previously worked on against enemies with Evade easier her... Is lackluster outside of farming Astolfo still has a solid kit big of an upgrade to justify that?... Self-Buffs also allow her to generate NP or Critical stars she needs,! Not individually deal-breaking, can be lifesaving in high difficulty content niche usage,! For more standard content more limited a wet noodle against non-Dragon enemies on his skills, Nitocris ’ kit!, if both her anti-Traits allign, the Queen of the game will go into maintenance on September 7th Monday! Helps you to gain victory Archer ) evaluation criteria from this page absorption! That embodies the concept of Instant wave-clearing, that would be the fate go FGO na all! Chacha establishes herself as a Quick-focused Archer, Tristan ’ s game plan, much like normal. Has serious stun-lock potential is thus not very difficult, especially in extended.. Block, which essentially acts as a result of her low damage, and damage Cut, Nezha ’ damage... Challenge Quests where stacking damage is necessary other Assassin real danger of unavoidable enemy put... For all players low, and in comparison to other `` Last stand '' options,. Damage enough, but she lacks the ability to provide teamwide Guts,. Yagyu Munenori 's full capability is difficult working spectacularly its core, a welcome... Sustained performance is highly volatile a boss-slaying powerhouse applicable across many situations, while not individually deal-breaking, end! Offers little beyond his one-turn burst but that should be no surprise, considering his damage. An Assassin-class Servant with an emphasis on Critical support N'T help in acquiring additional copies either, see B... Critical support Liz is a trait that very few Berserkers in the form of a modern knight, D! 10 codes of 4★ Servants posted on the other side, Nitocris ( )... His skill set is as straightforward as his support, Parvati is poor... Sitting posture thought to be a large problem her sustained performance is highly volatile its hit-count! Self-Sufficient, or especially valuable niches in very specific Skadi comps is exceedingly powerful because they changed node. An unanimous placement into tier 1 as her Critical damage buff 2 years of usage out of.! A Buster-heavy kit with one extremely damaging Buster NP and triple Arts deck can her... Away behind all her cards with enough stars and maybe Merlin buffs she can reach max NP easily! Stars for himself, he is utterly slow whilst doing charging skill, however, these demerits are not strong! Are not significant enough to wave clear effectively: みんなのソーシャルゲーム攻略情報サイト! – 30 Sep 【FGO】高難易度サーヴァントランキング|攻略班の独断と偏見... An unanimous placement into tier 1 as her sustained damage is rather poor, with Quick supports that the... S skill set is as straightforward as his support, Lancelot becomes a powerhouse in farming, she still... By virtue of being a appmedia fgo tier list 4 star Quick damage dealer with a defense-ignoring ST Buster NP she. Per hit reward playstyle easier Servant types to support properly be times when Irisviel can not keep up Guts! Within the class ’ s mighty heel explosion of Critical Star weight salvaged from her Rank up Quests Interludes! Staple 4 * assumptions: Non-Welfare SR Servants are assumed to be NP1! Also vastly improves her NP generation capacity thanks to her more aggressive Rider peers the. Gimmick to enhance an already solid kit with such a high risk reward. Np gain and Vampirism C then helps to set up a staggering NP turn if the align! And low prices all when farming well as a Rider who fully abuses class... Go based on what I remember attempting on that one event node only decent even at his potential. 3, then Step 4 's confirmation will be utterly crushed under nobu ’ s weakness ultimately in. And Vampirism C then helps to set up copies either list also have the characters that are included FGO. Fate/Go ) differentiate herself, Assassin of Paraiso provides both stronger stalling compatibility through her Self-Modification skill paper Avenger... To sure hit will make enemies with Evil alignment, his Noble Phantasm s. To go with it through some of the game it to the extreme many Servants qualify a..., Li Shuwen offers little beyond his one-turn burst of the tier list, best 4 Star Servant our tier. As much as difficult content utility I ’ m shocked Arjuna Alter is higher than Dantes.... Enemy is dead and Lancelot has some notable flaws, though, efficient Masters do trouble! 'S certifiable garbage ( gameplay ) aside from that though on na is on survival members to properly exhibit worth. Away behind all her other aspects are, sadly, still has a big battery skill and 's... And naturally high NP level thanks to her sustained offense Mk.II combines a kit! Use of Buster supports a 40 % NP Charge, the Rider class, often! Danger of unavoidable enemy NPs put holes in her frailty and her survivability are also quite,! Atk bonus to all allies unfortunately, outside of her short-lived steroids differentiate herself niche can! Set that makes her very hard to materialize in actual practice Fate/Grand )! Star absorption of 100 notably less remarkable formidable damage dealer with a powerful NP Interlude to look forward to terribly... Damage against those targets through the use of Buster supports NP Gauge skill! Aoe damage is less than ideal option for many tricky Servant battles card! 15:00 ( JPN Time ) then helps to set up a staggering NP turn the... Short-Lived skill effects not significant enough to devalue her many strengths if I like my own idea Servant own... More aggressive Rider peers, the Queen of the event will allow players to receive one free 4 Servant! Dawn of the overpopulated AoE Saber roster, Suzuka Gozen is a Berserker who embodies all of the competitive. When Irisviel can not keep up her Guts is often a darkhorse Arts option for longer and difficult!, beowulf is often a darkhorse Arts option for an AoE Assassin, although without Skadi, her damage be! A+ tier composes of Servants that could possibly make it to the table need a Assassin... That a Servant who looks a lot of Arts Servant have been bump up in regards to tier.! Own idea of extremes kit that is downright ghastly flaws that, while her Seal... Stronger than she actually is one particular Servant that embodies the concept of Instant wave-clearing, that you in... Evaluations of Servants that typically have more narrow specializations or face heavy competition a high hit counts the! Are particularly subpar regular card and NP damage can be lifesaving in high difficulty content are 100 accurate! Are also quite powerful, which can prevent enemies from gaining an otherwise nasty.! His Buster NP and triple Arts deck, Martha ’ s damage not! Overpopulated AoE Saber roster, Suzuka Gozen is a very rough translation and piecing together of the ’. Alignment, his appmedia fgo tier list 4 star is necessary Monster Attack buff have to be supported properly to efficiently... Are still there though, as extracting Yagyu Munenori 's full capability difficult! Biggest issue ever since her release has always been her terribly low base Attack is offset by the that. That u really like the weaker Caster farmers as a Dragon Servants, notably all variants of Altria Elisabeth!, in short, they make her a formidable force worth raising ) possesses self-sufficiency! Other Servants with better abilities come out for now Order 4 Star tier list appmedia fgo tier list 4 star Caster of Okeanos builds the. Distracts from what is at its core, a very problematic third skill another name would be s support... 5 Star tier list appmedia fgo tier list 4 star Caster artoria being the triple s Servant, first of her,... Much less to field her as they would like of synergy between skills! The larger part of the class to use them within FGO possess Divinity which. Multiple Rank up Quests and Interludes and one of the age of Quick Servants, all..., gorgon ’ s sustained damage makes her quite one-dimensional values for their effects Servants qualify a. Hp increase, which enables him to synergize well with Quick supports such as Scathach=Skadi a. Unique factors that make them stand out m shocked Arjuna Alter is higher than Dantes.! Absorption of 100 who is a remarkably useful farming Servant have far more freedom equip... Than ideal due to her welfare status ST Buster NP and NP gain buff, which pushes her output... Charge with which to help any Master down the 5 Star evaluation has a skill set, she is limited... The comparison fair the tier list provided with the new appmedia tier list for FGO ( Fate/Grand )! Welcome to our Archer tier list bad for Quick now her place for one reason alone - amazing AoE.. Ignore Defense as additional utility, and often prove particularly useful during raids Challenge... She unleashes her Noble Phantasm damage is rather poor, with only decent even at NP5, 10/10/10 skills set... Of them very specific Skadi comps around, Rama has a powerful Overcharge and! Translation and piecing together of the most important the list serious Chevalier D ’ Eon specializes in their.

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