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Buy high quality Nilgiri Tea online from India on Teabox. Demographics. The Spring Flush, from May to June, yields an amber-colored tea with a fruity, mellow taste and a stronger muscatel (grape) flavor. Most know it as the home of Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea, both of which remain ever-popular. But it was only in 1819 that John … This high elevation tea is an OP (orange pekoe -- medium grade tea with many whole leaves) grade with deep brown twisted leaves. Over the next two decades, Englishmen came and saw. Nilgiri BOP tea: a small leaf for greater strength and quicker brewing. Darjeeling leaves come exclusively from one of only eighty-six tea … When we list out the different types of herbal teas and their benefits, green tea tops the list with its numerous health benefits. Nilgiri meaning 'blue mountain' refers to a mountain tea district in the south of India high above the plains where top quality teas are cultivated. This exquisite tea is from the renowned Glendale Estate situated high in the Nilgiri (or 'Blue Mountains') district in South West India. Can be compared with: Ceylon teas. The traditional factory and large plantation model of growing tea accounts for only about 30% of total Nilgiri tea production. CTC Fannings , PD, Black Tea Fanning & PD, Different Types of Flavored Tea are available in bags. The taste and freshness are reminiscent of the best Ceylon's but typically are sweeter in the cup. Lower tea grades like broken orange pekoe and CTC are also produced here. One of the specialties from here is the winter frost teas, packed with flavor because of the frosty nights. The quintessential Indian tea, made from strong CTC tea and milk, infused with spices and sweetened. They are grown at altitudes of around 4000 ft. Good Nilgiri teas are recognised for their quality, producing a light, bright amber liquor with a certain crispness. Ossum gold upper Assam ctc tea, Leaves, Packaging Size: 25gm. Sunny days followed by frosted nights of the winter months result in the concentration of flavor inside the tea leaf. The Nilgiri region, situated in southern India, forms a high hilly plateau at the conjunction of the Eastern and Western Ghat mountains. Region: India Taste: Intense, delightful flavour Brewing Time: 3 - 5 minutes Water Temperature: 100°c A finely flavoured Indian Nilgiri tea, with a bright, brisk liquor and a smooth and rounded flavour.Nilgiri teas are grown and harvested throughout the year in Nilgiris which is situated in Southern India. Discount for newsletter subscribers. Strong and full-bodied. Having two monsoons, picking is year-round with the prime season being December to March. From ... Nilgiri Tiger Hill tea: one of the most respected Nilgiri gardens. Nilgiri tea has also been registered as a GI in India, and around 92 million kg of different tea varieties are produced every year – about 10% of India’s total tea production. Many refer to blackberries, so if you enjoy the sweet taste of blackberries, this tea is for you. It can also help prevent lung and ovarian cancer. For many years we used to buy token teas from around the world. Nilgiri tea is grown in a jungle climate, and are much more full bodied than Darjeeling. Matcha is a powdered tea made by grinding the entire tea leaf. These types of tea leaves are recognized by their strong malty flavour, briskness, brightness and full-body. Newsworthy, insightful, interesting and topical. The Darjeeling region is cool, wet, and tucked in the foothills of the … They were never about human resource, more about a tea from a place, a little like coffee was 25 years ago. Frost Tea This rare type of tea is produced in the Nilgiri region. Tea drinkers describe the taste like your typical Assam black tea, but with hints of fruitiness. You can buy all types of nilgiri tea here show me more. From: the Blue Mountains of southern India. Get Quote. Get Quote. It is the result of the winter harvest, when the cold weather concentrates the flavor with sweet and rosy notes. With a subtropical climate, similar to that found in Darjeeling, the Nilgiris produce hand-sorted, whole-leaf grades like the orange pekoe (OP) and pekoe cut black tea. Religious census; Religion: … Nilgiri tea is grown in the southern Blue Mountains close to Mysore. Packed in small boxes of 25/50 tea bags as per order. Now available as tea blends through the year. This organically grown Nilgiri black tea is from the Dusandle Estate in the Nilgiri Mountain region of southern India. They taste stronger and more smooth than other Indian teas and are often blended with other flavors. Fresh and pure as the day it was picked. A naturally oxidised non-processed tea.There are four main types of white tea Silver Needle, White Peony,Long Life Eyebrow, and Tribute Eyebrow. Subscribe to our newsletter, emailed twice monthly. 100% non polluting. Nilgiri … Nilgiri tea: from the Blue Mountains of southern India. The Nilgiris became home to tea after it was ceded to the British East India Company, following the 4th Anglo Indian war of 1799, when Tipu Sultan was defeated. This is a major reason that Nilgiri teas as a category tend to be inexpensive. Staunchly adhering to sustainable green practices, the Studio has pioneered the use of LPG in Tea manufacture. Approximately 20% of Nilgiri teas are mostly hand-processed (orthodox production) with wonderful aromas and flavors. About Nilgiri Tea . All rights reserved. These teas are intensely aromatic and flavorful with lingering notes of dusk flowers and tropical fruit. Nilgiri The lesser-known of India’s three major tea growing regions, Nilgiri, like the other two, is primarily known for its production of black tea. Out of all types of tea found in India, only the Darjeeling tea … Darjeeling Tea. Chilled tea, served in a tall glass filled with ice. Nilgiri tea is grown in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. A handcrafted tea made from partially oxidised mature tea leaves. The Nilgiris became home to tea after it was ceded to the British East India Company, following the 4th Anglo Indian war of 1799, when Tipu Sultan was defeated. You can also choose from our menu containing different types of tea. Brand: Ossum gold upper Assam tea… Known as ‘the fragrant ones’ loose Nilgiri tea has as much character as Ceylon teas, being fragrant and brisk but with a smoother, rounder, fuller flavour. Famous for: Dense jungle, roaming elephant herds. Nilgiri teas come from the Blue Mountains of India, and unique to this region is the process of picking tea leaves in the winter. Known as ‘the fragrant ones’ loose Nilgiri tea has as much character as Ceylon teas, being fragrant and brisk but with a smoother, rounder, fuller flavour. It's up to you! 1337: Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea "Nilgiri Grahamsland FOP" - 250 g (8.82 oz) - GAIWAN® Germany - Black Tea from India, Orange Pekoe 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £14.99£14.99 (£6.00/100 g) Get it Sunday, Jul 5 It was established as a tea growing area in 1835. The Nilgiri Hills, or Blue Mountains form the core of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, famous for its wildlife such as wild boar, panthers, roaming herds of elephants and the endangered goat-like Nilgiri Tahr. Good with milk and sugar. More than 20,000 smallholders grow and pluck tea with some 106,850 hectares under cultivation. The orange pekoe is a basic, medium-grade black tea consisting of many whole tea leaves of a specific size, whereas pekoe is a finer grade with young tea leaves and buds. It is the least oxidized of all tea types. See also Tea … However, from the rolling hills of Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, comes one particularly underrated infusion - Nilgiri Tea. Copyright © 2015 by Omifood. Regular consumption increases drinker’s mental alertness. No. Not many people know this, but 50% of the Nilgiri brew is exported. In May 2009 Nilgiri tea growers celebrated their right to "Geographical Indication" at a tea festival in Coonor. Opt for our Subscription Box and get Free worldwide shipping. The tea is grown in the Nilgiri of Tamil Madu as well as further south in areas like Munnar and Travancore and throughout Kerala State. Type of tea: Black orthodox. SPECIAL TEAS FROM THE NILGIRIS Nilgiri Frost Tea From: £4.95 Choose Options Nilgiri Peony White Tea From: £3.75 Choose Options Nilgiri Pearl Black Tea From: £4.95 Choose Options Nilgiri Kukicha From: £4.95 Choose Options Nilgiri Slender From: £4.95 Choose Options Nilgiri Dewdrop From: £4.95 Choose Options Nilgiri … Be the first to hear of new teas and offers. Growing takes place in the hilly areas of the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. The brew produces a deep amber colour and is usually enjoyed with milk or sugar. The Easter Flush, harvested in March and April, produces a lighter colored, brisk-flavored tea. Today, we are proud to bring tea from a place, we are personally connected to; that is the polar opposite to what tea … At the end of the visit, one can taste different types of tea and buy specially crafted tea souvenirs like tea cups engraved with the Tea Museum logo and tea plates as well.

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