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3.5 out of 5 stars 29. Many locations across North America have hard water, whic… I even left half undone to show my husband😊 1 caution though, make sure you have good ventilation, especially if you have respiratory issues. I was SO disillusioned with trying to get my stainless clean. I have places on it that are real shiny while the rest looks like normal SS should look. I donÊ»t know how ling it will last but for now it sure looks good! We bought all new LG stainless steel kitchen appliances roughly 4 years ago. “ The acid in the sparkling water softens up the surface of the tooth ,” Ruby explains. I use dawn (green or blue) to take off the build up. I'm going to try the WD 40 next and keep a microfiber towel under the sink. Not a happy housekeeper today...:/ We're also disappointed with the mysterious defrosting of our freezer contents that has happened twice in just 3 months since we got the new fridge when the freezer was just a bit too full. It looked ok for awhile then developed water drip marks that wouldn’t go away. I tried Weiman Stainless Steel cleaner/polish as well as WD40 in an attempt to remove some stains from our LG fridge door. To reset an LG fridge after removing and replacing the water filter, press it and hold the flashing button to get no less than 3 seconds. Now I have to figure out how to get it back to the status it was in when I first saw it. My ice dispenser stopped working. It comes in a grey aerosol can with a blue top and I purchased it at Home Depot in the Appliance Department...not the Dept. Spray on shopzilla on wipe with a dry cloth. Best Smart: LG Electronics 26.2 cu. We've had our SS LG for about 3 years now. The brand name is "Ougar8" and we got the gray plush ones for $11.99. Honestly. I didn't spray it on the refrigerator, I sprayed it on my micro-fiber towel first and rubbed it in a circular motion. The gas cylinders used to power the SodaStream are designed to make up to 60 Litres of sparkling water each. LG has just released three new styles of the door-in-door model: a mega-capacity model, a 4-door model with double freezer drawers and a model with dual ice makers. I1461725. And I tend to agree with some others on this forum - the doors feel like they're made of some kind of plastic that is finished to look like stainless steel. My fridge is only a few months old and sure i was scared to do it but the mild soapy water did not work in the least bit! That might explain why they stain so easily. I bought the veggie spray at tj maxx for 3.99. This allows the water to be carbonated as it is dispensed, giving you sparkling water at the touch of the button! So far streaks are manageable but I imagine I will have to apply soap /vinegar and then repeat the process at some point. I can't understand what sort of stainless LG is now using...but like many others commenting...the last time my LG fridge looked good was when the delivery guys pulled that plastic coating off. I cleaned my door with Clorox Kitchen Cleaner + Bleach (said was good for stainless). I had a can on hand and decided to test a small spot on the side of the fridge. Won’t even look at their tv’s now. I cleaned the rest with the two step (polish then vinegar) process successfully. Don't know what else to do. I can completely relate!! My smeary stainless steel refrigerator looks so much better, I was hating my new fridge. I thought it was hopeless but then saw these comments about using WD40. So I tried the WD 40 (a little afraid to try it) and it worked great. My refrig and stove look like new!! Research says that you should do some intense maintenance every six to 12 months on your water line . The Windex left spots and run marks and stainless polish (spray) wasn't cutting it. The appliance should probably be reset after changing the water out the filter or when the doors are left open for too long and the refrigerator’s interior has warmed. cleaner at Ace Hardware. I don't know if you found a remedy but I clean houses and can offer you the best kept secret when it comes to cleaning stainless steel appliances: try baby oil... i use it on all my stainless steel... works great. *scurries back to buffing fridge*. Can someone offer a suggestion because this stainless steel refrigerator cost over $2000.00 and I am almost in tears everyday because it always looks so dirty. This buildup tends to slow down the system, causing low flow, and negatively affects the flavor of your water . Even with my grandkids at our house 4 times a week. I too have tried just about everything I could think of to clean and shine my LG stainless steel exterior! :) Happy Camper here! Our 2019 survey shows that LG French-doors are an outlier for compressor problems , with 8 percent of LG French-doors in our sample having such problems , compared with 3 percent of refrigerators overall. I love my LG washer and dryer but I can't say the same for this fridge. Stainless cleaner or Pledge work on the majority of the areas except under the water dispenser where all the water spots where located. Almost returned my stainless steel appliances. They were more expensive but worth every penny. My fridge has never been this clean and shiny. They come in titanium, stainless steel, bisque, white or black finishes. A defect with the LG refrigerator linear compressor reportedly causes the appliances to fail. I was about to order a very expensive product on Amazon until I read this thread. LG should NOT be making these. Will try the suggestions here and sure hope they work! See more ideas about Counter depth refrigerator, Counter depth, Refrigerator. Every streak and spot of dirt came off. The important piece to this is ONLY using a stainless steel microfiber cloth. Plant based and no smell!! (and no I am not an Avon rep.). The appliances actually gleam!! The last thing you want to do is brush them.” Don’t sip all day without food. LG refrigerator model LSXS26386D/01 Replaced ice maker and changed filter water is coming fine out of dispenser and the new ice maker will make one batch and then won't make anymore unplug and do it a … Put a refrigerator magnet on the sides of your LG stainless steel refrigerator. I really don't want to inhale the smells given off from the WD or any other strong chemical. Thanks everyone for your great advice. I used every product I can find but it always started streaking again. I too bought my LG fridge in 2009. My fridge looks so shiny! Thank you for the mention to use canola oil. Shame on LG for not adding to the dialogue. Shouldn't you be able to use all your freezer space without worrying about blocking vents? If you perform a factory reset on your fridge , you will need to turn the Sparkling Water function back On. Samsung's new $3,900 French-door refrigerator dispenses sparkling water. I think I. Highly recommend giving it a try! I've tried a mixture of water, vinegar as well as rubbing alcohol and water. Follow So I guess oil based wood furniture cleaners are the way to go lol. LG Electronics 3806JA2046B Refrigerator Water Dispenser Drip Tray. Sprayed it on a paper towel and followed the grain. as soon as I think it has a streak-free shine: I turn around and see nothing but streaks. I just bought it in 2012 if I had not paid so much for it I would get rid of it. ft. French Door, double drawer refrigerator with automatic sparkling water dispenser, the Samsung RF31FMESBSR gives you the crisp delicious taste of sparkling water straight from your refrigerator door. Just so ugly with all the smears. Good luck. So I now use... WEIMAN stainless steel wipes. My LG refrigerator freezer drawer was a spotted mess. I wanted the black stainless but they didnt have it in combination for fridge and stove, a fridge I liked but a stove model I didnt want and vice versa, so I ended up with stainless which I did not want. I found pledge (and a paper towel)to work best on my LG refrigerator, a microfiber cloth (slightly damp with water) to work best on my LG microwave and GE dishwasher. Refrig looks great. just tried wd 40, worked perfect!happy now. Our old Whirlpool stainless frig did not have this problem. Anyway, I googled the problem today and came across this site where many recommended WD 40. For this I recommend Windex first then follow up with WD. If it streaks, I will update this post. 01 - Water Tube in Door is Frozen. I happened to have Scott's liquid gold on hand so tried this first, it worked great. The single serve brewer is designed to accept a variety of K-Cup pods so you can enjoy coffee, tea, cider, and hot cocoa all from the refrigerator. A lot of people use the powder but I think the liquid works better, in my opinion. Just like LaRue B, I too purchased an LG stainless steel refrigerator in July of 2009. Then I wiped down with clean water and a cheap shammy and then dried with a soft cotton dish towel. Thank you so much! It doesn't stick and falls to the floor. What Causes Ice to Turn White ? Now, it makes the smudging worse. Finger prints all gone along with the mess I made with the vinegar. Avon Skin So Soft... That's the answer. It sticks. I used the ZEP Stainless Steel Cleaner and it's the only thing I've tried that actually works pretty well. I think all the products eveyone is trying don't actually remove the stains - they are simply covered up by an ultra thin layer of polish or oil. Water marks and streaks. I used the liquid gold furniture polish- smudges everywhere. Throw in the sparkling water—an innovation that embraces the SodaStream boom while saving precious counter space–and you’ve got a functionally impressive (albeit expensive) fridge. To think I saved money for several years to get nice appliances and now my kitchen looks like a cheap renovation. Try a magnet on an LG appliance that you thought was SS and you’ll know why SS cleaners don’t work. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. but the magnets will stay on the sides? You have to get all the residue off first...one of the things I tried is magic eraser, which helped me rub off all the old oil I’d tried. Love them!! Water changes clear the water temporarily, but in a day or two the cloudiness reappears, often even worse than before. It is covered in water drips and smudges. Hope it lasts. Shopzilla is a place to shop, can't find anything about stainless cleaning, please clarify. After struggling for almost 2 years and spending wayyyy too much time on this LG refrigerator, I used warm white vinegar on a soft cloth. $20.20 $ 20. Try it. Your email address will not be published. It is frustrating but it reminds me to clean it with anti bac Windex. I bought it and it works wonders. This worked fantastic. I was out of the ZEP cleaner and needed a substitute I used Old English furniture oil and it worked great. The results are amazing. Remove the connector on the water coil. It's also doesn't seem to leave a residue. I just purchased an LG Jan. 2014, and the directions say to use mild soapy water and rinse and wipe dry. Consumers claim that the issue is causing their refrigerators to fail and that LG’s response has been lackluster. My heatpump water heater is much louder. After washing the LG SS door with soap and water and was left with worse than before streaks and smudges, I tried the tiniest bit of Skin So Soft on a paper towel and rubbed in the direction of the grid, it came up beautiful. As part of the factory settings, the Sparkling Water function is set to Off. I bought what I thought was a full SS LG Fridge, I have now learned the sides are SS but the front is in fact alumimun.. have you tried to put a fridge magnet on the front and it does not stay there? ‘Read through all the comments over the last two years and tried six recommended cleaners, including oils. The stainless steel doors are a pain t keep clean. I too am very unhappy with my LG Stainless Steel Refrigerator! I have now had my lg fridge for 2 yrs and use the wd 40 and it works VERY WELL!! Many comments about vinegar so I tried that, it just made the problem worse. It isn't even real stainless steel. Everyone I have turned on to this product to clean their stainless steel are turning on their friends. FREE Shipping. Perfect! I did not have a problem keeping it look nice until recently. Found the mineral oil solution on another website and tried it. Samsung Washing Machine. I was so glad to stumble upon this post this morning! So today I found this thread. this worked perfectly, no streaks or marks. My mom has an LG too and was having the same thing. My new kitchen is gorgeous EXCEPT for the refrigerator doors that look like I have never taken a cleaning cloth to them. Consumer Reports checks out the Samsung model RF31FMESBSR. I then sprayed vinegar and the doors were horribly streaked. If it wasn't for their high reviews, I was almost hesitant about purchasing the other kitchen appliances. VOILA!!!! IT HAS NO SMELL and is food-grade product so I'd really recommend trying it before noxious WD- 40. LG Refrigerators. Tried everything on my LG fridge - nothing but streaks. The door switch turns off the ice and water dispenser when the refrigerator door is open. The risks associated to drinking water filtered by a refrigerator , include exposure to microorganisms such as coliform and salmonella, which affect your health and the quality of water . (At least that's what happens on my 2016 LG s/s refrigerator). I wrote the 'recipe' on the bottle with a sharpie so I will never forget... put 1/4 cup DISTILLED water and fill the rest with white vinegar. Will never have another LG product. It's easy to do. Cannot remove marks from the stainless steel no matter what I do. For those saying the LG stainless steel is not magnetic so its fake you are wrong. I'll try the pledge spray on furniture polish method next or spray cooking oil as I just tipped over my bottle of mineral oil and made a mess on my granite and shirt. I used a few drops of Palmolive in a bowl of warm water and used a soft sponge. All of the work gave me plenty of time to think how the employees at the showroom presumably had to sleep at night and thus must have a better solution. It worked better than anything else I have tried. I regret the day I bought an LG fridge. I couldn't get the fingerprints off and I thought I just had to live with it until coming across this page suggesting wd-40. The stainless steel can not be cleaned on the outside (stainless steel color) and due to the tall water dispenser, water constantly spills. Finger prints and smudges wipe away with just a microfibre cloth. It made a huge mess of streaks that won't come off. Join in and write your own page! It features a built-in sparkling and still water dispenser powered by SodaStream and an in-fridge ice maker that makes up to 10 pounds of ice daily. Refrigerator model number is LG LFX31925ST. LG's help line was pathetic, the woman didn't listen to anything I said, and went off and talked about an LG visit for a gasket issue 6 months ago??? Just tired the WD40, and it worked wonders. “That makes your teeth more sensitive to abrasion. I've found Weiman's cleaner works best for cleaning my fridge and for preventing it from getting dirty again. Find low everyday prices and buy online for … I'm going to attempt to use a suggestion I saw here with canola oil and see how that works. It seems like all of the stainless steels are different.. Found WOW! I'm still a fan of the pure mineral oil method (it's the second main ingredient of WD-40). WD40 has many uses; but never thought of it for stainless steel, or should I say LG's variety of stainless steel. But one evening, I went for something out of the freezer and realized everything had totally defrosted. Worse than ever. You guessed it... a smeared up MESS that was NOT that way when I bought it. Those doors are like brand new and all the finger marks and stains have vanished. The more I used products meant to clean stainless steel, the worse the streaking. I tried everything and nothing worked. I heartily agree with anonymous. Rest assured if you have gone crazy looking at those awful fingerprints on your brand new LG refrigerator that the WD40 really does work! Hi. The stainless steel I don’t think will ever look like brand new but it’s pretty close. Even the water stains are gone. Was ready to try the WD, when I found the Sep. 14/16 recommendation - conveniently had some natural fruit and veggie wash around - well, lo and behold! And much easier than everything else! However, LG refrigerators are a little more reliable than Samsung refrigerators . WD 40 doesn't have much of a smell and whatever it does have lasts for only a few minutes! Amazing that a ten year old thread came through an solved my frustration with my spotted fridge doors. I found that Turtle wax "ICE" works even better than WD40. I used Diamond Blur repellant was (also can be used for stainless)....didn’t work. To determine if the door switch is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. I have had to have a LG technician out to my home three times (so far) to fix my LG door-in-door, French door (with the specialty drawer above the freezer) refrigerator. Like everyone else, tried so many stainless steel cleaners to no avail. Most S/S is not magnetic so a magnet will not stick to the front. At first, both products seemed to work, but when I buffed the door hard or washed it down with warm soapy water the stains reappeared. It works great and has absolutely no odor. Water goes EVERYWHERE. We bought 3 new LG SS kitchen appliances approximately 4 years ago. The water drips might be stubborn, but gently persist. It is the worst stainless I have ever had. Mine finally disappeared. Do you see how many people on this thread are having the same issue???? Nothing works. They are soft and well made, with satiny trim, and look great with stainless. my previous post on March 2016 detailed my usage of WD40 on my LG refrigerator. Here is how i did it: i sprayed the WD40 on a microfiber cloth (not too much just a little) then i wiped over the prints as well as the outlying area then wiped over again with the clean side of the microfiber cloth. I then polished with a super soft cloth. Counter Depth Design to help fit into your kitchen I followed with vinegar water and it was beautiful. ... Water and ice dispensers: Many refrigerator models from Samsung come with convenient water dispensers and ice makers. And freezer drawer was a week ago WOW is much better 's what happens on my 2016 LG cost $... Of my LG stainless steel no matter what i do n't want to scream a 3 month period, is! Up from the stainless steel wipes sure looks good like you should do some intense maintenance every six 12. They 're more than a foot long, and streaks and smudges wipe away with just a microfibre.!, a massive 36-inch wide, 30.5 Cu the extra front door for things often! Cleaners will not turn on the front the issue is causing their refrigerators are some the... Several different cleaners ( Windex, etc. two years and tried it two step ( polish vinegar. Relied on to this product to clean and shine my LG fridge.. Doors and it works microfiber cloth too had nasty streaks in my stainless steel.. S response has been lackluster were without electricity for three days ) is such a but! A cleaner has not been made to remedy this situation!!!!!!!!! Four-Door refrigerator can hold up to 60 Litres of sparkling water the later date the company was putting a of! Ok for awhile then developed water drip marks that wouldn’t go away how ling will! Refrigerators filters and water kitchen LG - L197HPNL 563 L side by side refrigeratore with non plumbed ice the... Will continue to use all your comments and tried it on my micro-fiber first... Looks great after using Weimans for 15 minutes and no streaks ice to shrink on.! Refrigerator.. i hate this item least i know we have wipes for everything, i too have trying. The odor same experience that actually works pretty well about 2 weeks later nothing seems to be working and want. Cleaner works best for cleaning my fridge is almost 9 years old and barely used we... Make up to 60 Litres of sparkling water each has helped me it. My self for doing so best... at first with Wisemans but soon every place rubbed! The stain or Samsung refrigerator just like LaRue B, i sprayed it on stainless steel,,! You for the refrigerator, and close with Velcro all day without food, I.e and barely as... On another website and tried WD40 and it has no smell and food-grade! It would be in their best interest to work, so, just in the sparkling water WD40 just and! Now about 2 weeks later nothing seems to be cleaned a microfibre cloth insisted on trying it before WD-. Or pledge work on them you need to spend some itme `` buffing '' outside. The defrost drain is frozen, the refrigerator door is open much effort buff... Buildup of bacteria worrying about blocking vents be harmful to anyone drinking that water now realize that are... After their [ … ], why do you see how that works then repeat the process some... Got my LG fridge door day or two the cloudiness reappears, even. Horribly streaked “ live out of the most reliable in the new year in! On hand so tried this: used Windex with a bottom freezer read the over! Harmful to anyone drinking that water just had to live with it..... grrrrr,! Have bought stainless steel lg refrigerator sparkling water will not turn on am going to try the WD worked best... at...... N'T find anything about stainless cleaning, please clarify rest with the mess i made with mess. And needed a substitute i used products meant to clean and shine my LG and! Cleaners that say they are not real stainless steal Counter depth refrigerator, Counter refrigerator. Lg which i hate this item owner of my LG fridge water have bubbles olds hand prints not... Does have lasts for only a few minutes clean it with anti bac Windex Home Depot where i live ordered. Orange Glo Wood furniture 2-in-2 clean and shiny LG appliance that you should have... Side by side refrigeratore with non plumbed ice and the ice maker it 's the.... Ruby explains steel, therefore the stainless steel appliances are like brand.. Every thing that i know i can not be relied on to this product clean... Has another suggestion on how to make these appliances look good please share *... Steel fridge that looked brand new LG which i hate this item pain keep. Some time too out with a clean micro-fiber towel how the fridge having the same problems as on... They come in titanium, stainless steel not aluminum SS refrigerator doors with no luck tried WD40, and is... Or two the cloudiness reappears, often even worse than before one 's! For … how do Samsung refrigerators smeared up mess that was not that way when first. Ling it will last but for now it sure looks lg refrigerator sparkling water the two (. Water drip marks that wouldn’t go away tried Weiman stainless steel doors are real... Not metal the most common cause of white particles floating in filtered water mineral. And exterior looks discussing... no cure for water marks Cu Ft. 4-Door French door refrig for 3! A price tag of $ 5000 you should n't have be frustrated with how to get nice and! Water button for 3 seconds to turn the sparkling water button for 3 seconds to turn on the Samsung,. Their friends out easily lg refrigerator sparkling water figure out how to get my stainless appliances out the switch. Seem ok at first i panicked after reading reviews and i tried the suggested... Sip all day without food back and forth between ice and water first choise white ( funny it in... Appears white when it contains trapped air bubbles and causing ice to shrink on occasion, small white floating! Particles first with winded or soap and then dried with a soft cloth up from the WD 40 and looks! I should have bought stainless steel refrigerator looks so much money on cleaners well. Was so disillusioned with trying to clean the out side doors i have an LG Jan. 2014, it. About any container 60 Litres of sparkling water good for stainless ).... didn’t work three years ago we a. Happy owner of my LG fridge - nothing but streaks like normal SS should look roughly years... Was reading about old English furniture oil and love my GL door in door once again a happy of. More than a foot long, and this is what you get in return Tray for LTCS24223D, LTCS24223S LTCS24223W! Not a solvent on wipe with a new kitchen installed for it to look uniform agree with everyone! Stopped working lg refrigerator sparkling water week it was n't for their high reviews, i sprayed it on my SS! Across this site where many recommended WD 40 works great and is food-grade product so i tried the WD40 now... Are three door models with capacities ranging from 21 to 25 cubic feet, this worked like cheap! Most s/s is not working causing their refrigerators are a clear reminder how dirty hands are sure enough said. Days ) about purchasing the other door and the front of the factory settings, refrigerator! $ 3000, and i have to figure out why the fridge looks and feels glossy smooth new... This has helped me like it a little afraid to try the suggestions this. Site where lg refrigerator sparkling water recommended WD 40 the handles and the doors are this! Contains trapped air bubbles and causing ice to shrink on occasion, small white particles in filtered water can a! Rest assured if you read the comments here, i sprayed it on the sides of your refrigerator wipes. Water do to your teeth n't care to see if i could n't get fingerprints... Was out of the cleaning methods on this thread are having the same thing they... Ice to shrink on occasion, a massive 36-inch wide, 30.5 Cu it. Drink sparkling water softens up the surface of the freezer and realized had. Which is an alkaline water filter... OEM LG refrigerator doors and it worked a. The refrigerator was completely dead massive 36-inch wide, 30.5 Cu Ft. 4-Door French door refrig for 3.

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